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Engineering art workshop


We are an association working on the creation of unique artistic solutions for high-quality and functional design of urban and natural areas.

Our task, having connected at any stage of development, is to provide the project with everything necessary for a bright and full-scale embodiment of the idea. With the help of new architectural forms, specialized furniture, art objects, multimedia installations, interactive and light projection, we fill the event with the power of an artistic act, achieving the dissemination of the idea in every part of the experience covered, whether it be a festival, a museum exhibition, a gallery, a street event or a new car launch on the market.

Our sensitive and professional team combines an “inspired creator”, deep expert assessment, many years of experience and manufacturability, which allows us to develop concepts from scratch, implement objects and events of any scale anywhere in the world, achieving absolute visual-spatial compliance with the original idea.

The result of solving a creative problem for us is always based on strong engineering and scientific accuracy. We achieve magic thanks to qualified specialists and the right materials. We have an engineering department and a fleet of modern equipment at our disposal, which allows us to work autonomously and at a high level.

We strive to be on a par with the times, expanding the boundaries of the norm and everyday life, enlivening the functionality of objects and events with the energy of art. We amplify the power of influence of the idea, filling the overall process with beauty and inspiration.